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From cardio to weights. More ripped than ever

Denise (1972)

IMG_2465_3I trained and raced in triathlons for 7 years which required 10-20 hours per week of cardio. After completing an Ironman Triathlon I decided to focus more on weight training.
For years I lifted weights on my own 5-6 days per week. I thought I understood proper form and was pushing myself to my maximum. I was lean but never had the results I gained after meeting Pam in early 2012.

Within 6 weeks of training with Pam 2-3 times per week, I had more results than all of my previous years of weight training, and without doing any cardio. I was ripped!

Pam’s training is based on the ‘overload principle’, which always pushes your muscles to failure (the maximum). Her workouts are fun and not intimidating. I always leave my training session feeling energized with a full body ‘pump’, and excited for my next session. I feel taller and more erect than I every have, with wider shoulders and perfect posture. I am convinced that strength training is the key to staying lean, flexible and strong, over hours of cardio that only make you more hungry.

I would much rather spend 2-3 hours per week with Pam, than many more unfocused hours at the gym on my own.